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Science Association


Committee Members:

·        Mrs. Pranali Patil

·        Ms. Priyanka Deore

·        Ms. Reshma Patil

·        Dr. K. C. Jha

·        Ms. Sonal Bhamare

·        Mr. Sandesh Gaikwad

·        Ms. Jyoti Jadhav

·        Mr. Shrinivas Acharya

·        Ms. Kalyani Sonawane

      Ms. Krupali Bhatvedekar

      Ms. Shweta Satao 



Science Association was inaugurated on 21st July 2016 followed by a “Quiz Competition”. IQAC Coordinator Ms. Neetu Kapoor was the Chief Guest of the inauguration. Nearly 25 students participated in the Aptitude Test from which 9 students were shortlisted for the quiz competition. These nine students were divided into three groups’ names as “Kitkat”, “Lollypop” and “Jellybean”. First round was conducted for these three groups and final round was conducted between Kitkat team and Lollypop team and Lollypop team was the winning team. Mr.Shriniwas Acharya and Ms.Reshma Patil were the judge for this competition.

Photography competition was held on 10th December 2016. The total participants were 19 divided into eight different groups. The judge for the competition was Ms. Kalyani Sonawane. The judgement was based on criteria- Time required, Good quality resolution & Group member’s coordination.

Memory Game competition was organised on 13th December 2016. The total participants were 27. There were three rounds. The first round was remember the words which are displayed on screen for five minutes, followed by the second round of identifying and writing the website name from their symbols and the last round was to write the full forms of abbreviations. Every round was the elimination round.

Group discussion competition was held on 14th December 2016. The total participants were 16. There were four groups each with four students. The judge for the competition was Ms. Deepika Ratnakar. Also there was a debate competition with total participants 20. There were two groups each with ten students. The judge for the competition was Ms Krupali Bhatvedekar.

On 6th January, 2017, the first round of SEED IT IDOL Competition was held.  It was an opportunity for the students & IT aspirants to test themselves against their peers from other institutes through a Talent Quiz carried out by a corporate house. In all 47 students participated and seven students got selected for the second round that was held at Bandodkar College on 10th March, 2017.  It was really a meaningful and learning experience.

A paper presentation competition was held on 13th January 2017 with five presenters. The judge for the competition was Ms Krupali Bhatvedekar. The activity boosted the presentation skills of the students.




Digital India is a campaign launched by the Indian Government to improve online infrastructure (by increasing internet connectivity) and offer Indian citizens an easy online government services as well as making India a digitally empowered country in the field of technology.

Presentation on topic “Digital India” was organized in “Kulgaon-Badlapur High-School”, on 16th December 2016. It was presented by the students of CS & IT department. Mr. Pradeepkumar (F.Y.B.Sc(I.T.)), Mr. Vaibhav Pandey (T.Y.B.Sc.(C.S.)), Mr. Aniket Jagdale T.Y.B.Sc.(C.S.)) & Mr. Ganesh Pawar (S.Y.B.Sc.(C.S.)) along with Asst. Prof. Shriniwas Acharya accompanied the students. 

In the presentation, the information was given on various topics like education, health, demonetization, farming, and finance sectors, Digital Locker, national scholarship portal, e-sign, etc. The event was organized to create awareness about “Digital India”. Citizens of digital India may improve their knowledge and skill level after getting covered under the umbrella of internet. It is an ambitious project that will benefit everyone especially villagers who travel long distance and waste time and money in doing paper works for various reasons. Digital India programme has been implemented by the Government of India to ensure following aims of this initiative:

  •  To ensure the broadband highways.

  •  To ensure the universal access to mobile phones.

  •  To facilitate people with high speed internet.

  •  To bring e-Governance by reforming government through digitization.

  •  To bring e-Kranti through electronic delivery of services.

  •  To make available online information for all

Students’ from high school as well as from Junior College participated in this presentation and they made it an interactive and successful session




Industrial Visit to Hyderabad was organized from 17th January 2017 to 21st January 2017. Total 28 students joined the visit along with four faculty members Ms. Pranali Patil (Coordinator of CS & IT), Ms. Priyanka Deore( H.O.D. of CS & IT), Mr. Sandesh Gaikwad & Mr. Shriniwas Acharya. The visit included visit to industries like Coca Cola, Vijaya Dairy and SAPNET (Society for Andhra Pradesh Network).

On 18th January, we visited Coca Cola company and the manager deputed two staffs to describe the process of every unit and to show the whole plant. Here, EBI (Electronic Bottle Inspection) Unit checks all empty bottles pre and post wash. Every bottle was washed three times by hot and cold water. In the Filler Unit, every bottle was filled by the soft drink (Coca-Cola) with high pressure at 5­0C temperature and was dispatched further to Packing Unit. In Packing Unit, Every bottle was marked with a logo and manufacturing date and then was packed in proper manner.

On the same day, we also visited Vijaya Dairy, where various ghee products are prepared by pasteurized milk and collected by all other districts in Telangana. According to the quantity of fats the milk is collected in different containers. Then it goes for further processing. Quality Control Unit checks the quality of milk samples as well as packing of different products and then it is dispatched. After this, we also visited Lumbini Park.

On 19th January in SAPNET Industry, the Production Chief Mr. Mallikarjuna, explained the whole process of encoding and multiplexing, launching every signal to satellite i.e. uplink and collect the signals from satellite i.e. downlink, decoding and demultiplexing. Their technician explained the structure of studios, connections of all units with each other and interfacing of electronic circuitry. They also covered the topic of how the live shows are telecasted on “Mana TV” (A Telugu educational TV channel). On this day we also visited to Salarjung Museum.

Students got the practical knowledge of working in industry. They also learnt the importance of preplanning, timely job completion, development of new technology and the importance of flow charts in developing any software. Thus the objective of the visit was achieved. On 20th January we visited Char Minar and then returned to Mumbai on 21st January.



“BLACKOUT CODING” competition was organized for CS & IT students on 10th February, 2017. In this competition the First Round conducted for the students was Debugging- Debugging is the process of finding and resolving bugs or errors that prevent correct operation of computer software or a system. We make mistake while writing programs and that errors should be corrected at proper time otherwise they will create a mess in whole project. This activity was initiated to explore students’ knowledge in the programing world and make them aware about importance of error detection & error correction at correct time. Second Round conducted was Blackout coding where the participant type the programming language code on monitor but monitor screen will be off and black. This round is to promote participant to remember the correct structure and syntax of programming language without any mistake and errors. From both the department total 33 students took active participation in this activity.

Format of the Debugging (Round I) Activity:

·   The slips containing Python and C++ program with syntactical and semantic errors were provided to the participants. 

·   Time of twenty minutes was allotted to each student

Format of the Blackout (Round II) Activity:

·            In second round the slips containing Python and C++ program statement were given to participants.

·            The participants were supposed to type a program by switching off the monitor.

·            The selection was made on the basis of error free program and appropriate output.

·            Time of thirty minutes was allotted to each participant.

·       The winners were decided on the basis of round one (Debugging) and round two (Blackout Coding) evaluation       score.



“Paper Presentation” competition was organized by Science Association with Student Research Cell for CS & IT students on 18th February, 2017. This competition was conducted for the students to motivate them to do research, boost their self-confidence, and provide exposure for presenting their data, to make them updated with current technologies and new trends. The inaugural Session began with Ms. Priyanka Pandey
student of F.Y.B.Sc. (I.T.) with Prof. Savita Punjabi, Head, Department of Commerce as the chief guest, Ms. Laveena Ochani, the Chairperson of Student Research Cell and the faculty of Management Studies. In all eight groups made presentations that were followed by question answer session. Topics for presentation were as follows:

1. IT and E-Commerce

2. Cyber Crime

3. Technology a boon or a bane

4. Application if Mathematics



Science Exhibition was conducted on 20st February 2017 under Science association. 11 groups with different projects like tesla bulb, room heater, door alarm for security, ATM machine, solar power system, etc. participated enthusiastically. Science exhibition is a very exciting & knowledgeable activity for students. The whole process is about being innovative & creative, thinking out of box & enjoying science. There is a need to develop scientific temper among students, so that they could be better scientists, better citizens & capable of governing their personal thoughts in a scientific manner. Ultimately, Science Exhibition demonstrated that students have the ability to design experiments, carry them out & analyze the results. The judge for the activity was Mr. Shriniwas Acharya.  It’s said

“Watch your thought; they become words

Watch your words; they become actions

Watch your actions; they become your destiny”




Website Exhibition was arranged to explore the number of website designers in CS & IT department on 6th March, 2016. Total 14 groups participated with new concepts. Participants has developed website on various topics such as India at a glance, Photography, C-programming tutorial, Calculator in python, Royal Motors, Car Dekho Deal Karo, Fashion Light, Cloud Storage, Delicious fruits, Food & Drinks, Online store weapons, Quick Cabs, O.G. Photography, Burger etc. Through this exhibition participants highlighted their skills like designing, programming, presentation,
imagination, innovative concept, color combination, graphics etc. Judges for the exhibition were Ms. Deepika Ratnakar and Ms. Kalyani Sonawane. They judged the participants under three categories i.e. Best, Presenter, Best Innovative Project and Best Designer. The exhibition was wonderful and had a great success.